RBS Coloring Book

RBS Coloring Book 1.0

Easy coloring modes like paint bucket, crayon and stamp
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Your child will be fascinated with this coloring book software which includes 15 themed books with over 1200 different images to color and print.
Easy coloring modes like paint bucket, crayon and stamp will capture their imagination as their favorite classic songs play while they color. For extra fun, try to color in time with the song notes.
Save and print your creations, or print the blank coloring pages to create your own physical coloring book.
You can even import your own drawings, or compile brand new books from images you draw or find on the internet.
Main features:
-15 different themed books for all ages
-Over 1200 different coloring images.
-Easy for children to use
-Bucket, Crayon and Stamp mode
-Use standard colors or click the crayon for random colors
-Plays notes to classic children's songs while coloring
-Flip through pages without losing your drawings
-Save or print colored pages
-Print uncolored pages to color with real crayons
-Create your own coloring books
-Open your own drawings or images from the internet
-Open your photos to draw, stamp or color

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